zaterdag 13 december 2008

verlegen? (shy?)

Zo langzamer-hand merk ik om me heen, dat steeds meer bekenden, vrienden, familie, collega's mijn blog lezen. Helemaal leuk natuurlijk!!
Wat ik nou zo spijtig vind, is dat ik niet zo veel reacties terug lees op mijn verhalen.
Bij deze wil ik jullie vooral motiveren om te reageren op wat ik schrijf, of op de foto's die ik laat zien.
Het is heel eenvoudig, klik op reacties, dan kom je in een ander scherm. Schrijf wat in het betreffende vakje, neem de letters over die eronder staan, klik op een van de keuze mogelijkheden om met een google account, anoniem ed. te reageren en klik op reactie publiceren.
Niet verlegen zijn, gewoon DOEN!
Ik zou het heel leuk vinden.

I noticed that more and more people are reading my blog. Friends, family, co-workers, respond to me. Love it!
The only thing is, I would love you to write me a comment. It's not that difficult. Just click on comments, write something, write over the colored letters (to prevent spam), check if you want to comment with a google account, or anonymous and replay.
Don't be shy, just do it!!
I would appreciate it.

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  1. Hi Saskia:
    Love that picture. Hope you are having fun getting ready for Christmas.

  2. Yes I know that people don't react to the blog entries and I almost stopped blogging once a couple of years ago because of it. Once I said that, I had lots of reactions to not stop. Commenting is important to a blogger. It has led me to even write entries as I wanted to continue with things others wrote.

    Now to answer your questions on my blog...there is no quiz this year at the party. Shock and horror??? I just decided to do something different and we have to do the introduction to our new theme which would all take too much time. So you don't have to do any studying this year. :)

    Now a question...Miep is unhappy with her swap block and I need to come up with some idea for her. Help??? Any ideas? I promised I would have something for her on Wednesday.

    Christmas hugs ~


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